Rajadhyaksha, Anjali

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Rajadhyaksha, Anjali (Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences) Neuronal voltage-gated L-type Ca2 channel subunits role in experience-dependent plasticity

Semmelhack, Julie

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Semmelhack, Julie (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Neural circuits for visual behavior

Runyan, Caroline

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Runyan, Caroline (University of Pittsburgh) Contextual modulation of coding in cortical circuits, focusing on neuromodulation, inhibition, and information flow between regions.

Denison, Rachel

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Denison, Rachel (New York University) Visual perception, attention, and decision making, with a focus on temporal dynamics

De Rubeis, Silvia

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De Rubeis, Silvia (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)  Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders

Zachariou, Venetia

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Zachariou, Venetia (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) Signal transduction and epigenetic mechanisms underlying CNS disorders and their treatment

Deng, Xinyi

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Deng, Xinyi (Beijing University of Techology) Statistical methods to analyze neural spiking activity