Slagter, Heleen

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Slagter, Heleen (University of Amsterdam) Neural mechanisms of attention and perception, brain and cognitive plasticity

Dyer, Eva

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Dyer, Eva (Georgia Institute of Technology) Development of computational approaches for making sense of large-scale neural datasets

Wang, Fan

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Wang, Fan (Duke) Neural circuit basis of sensory perception and motor action

Akrami, Athena

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Akrami, Athena (Princeton University) Neural circuits, memory and behavior

Polter, Abigail

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Polter, Abigail (George Washington University) Synaptic and peptidergic regulation of monoamine circuits

Marquez, Cristina

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Marquez, Cristina (Institute of Neuroscience of Alicante) Social decision-making in rodents, neural circuits

Carelli, Regina M.

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Carelli, Regina M. (The University of North Carolina) Neurobiological mechanisms of decision making, motivated behaviors and drug addiction.