Neural engineering

Santacruz, Samantha

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Santacruz, Samantha (The University of Texas at Austin) Closed-loop neuromodulation and neurotherapeutic devices for investigating and modulating behaviors related to neuropsychiatric disorders.

Hamilton, Liberty

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Hamilton, Liberty (UT Austin) Neural processing of speech and natural sounds using electrocorticography; sound representations in the auditory cortex

Foust, Amanda

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Foust, Amanda (Imperial College London) Imaging network-level neuronal activity in the mammalian brain

Saxena, Shreya

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Saxena, Shreya (Columbia University) Estimation and Control for Neural Populations; Sensorimotor Control

deBettencourt, Megan

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deBettencourt, Megan (University of Chicago) Cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory

Bardet, Sylvia M

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Bardet, Sylvia M (University of Limoges РCNRS) Cell biology and in vivo multiphoton microscopy and bioimaging applied to bio-electromagnetism

Moxon, Karen

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Moxon, Karen (University of California Davis) Computational neuroscience, neural encoding, brain-machine interfaces