Jehee, Janneke

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Jehee, Janneke (Donders Institute) Neural basis of visual perception and perceptual decision making

Kidd, Celeste

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Kidd, Celeste (Univ. of Rochester) Attention, curiosity, and learning using a combination of computational and behavioral methods

Keilholz, Shella

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Keilholz, Shella (Emory and Georgia Tech) Dynamic organization of functional network activity in the brain

Burwell, Rebecca

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Burwell, Rebecca (Brown University) Structure and function of the cortical regions that surround the hippocampus

Noppeney, Uta

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Noppeney, Uta (University of Birmingham) Multisensory perception and learning

Sereno, Anne

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Sereno, Anne (The University of Texas) Physiological mechanisms of attention and short-term memory