Disease Mechanisms

Monteggia, Lisa

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Monteggia, Lisa (UT Southwestern) Autism, mecp2, antidepressant modes of action

Hurd, Yasmin

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Hurd, Yasmin (UCLA) Cannabinoids and addiction

London, Edythe

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London, Edythe (UCLA) Neuroimaging of exercise and addiction

Childress, Annarose

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Childress, Annarose (University of Pennsylvania) Neuroimaging of addiction

Volkow, Nora

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Volkow, Nora (National Institute on Drug Abuse) Neuroimaging of addiction, dopamine circuits

Andreae, Laura

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Andreae, Laura (King’s College London) Neuronal circuit and synapse formation during development

Carreira, Maria B

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Carreira, Maria B (INDICASAT AIP) Biology of Alzheimer’s disease using cellular and animal models