Disease Mechanisms

Gittis, Aryn

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Aryn Gittis (Carnegie Mellon) Neural circuits of the basal ganglia

Fitzgerald, Melinda

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Melinda Fitzgerald (University of Western Australia) Mechanisms and treatment of neurotrauma

Rico, Beatriz

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Beatriz Rico (King’s College London) Neural circuit assembly and brain disorders

href=”http://rolls.net.technion.ac.il/”>Asya Rolls

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Asya Rolls (Israel Institute of Technology) Neuronal basis of brain-immune interactions

href=”https://www.brown.edu/research/labs/jones/”>Stephanie Jones

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Stephanie Jones (Brown University) Circuit mechanisms underlying attention, perception and disease states

href=”http://neuroscience.mssm.edu/brennand/”>Kristen Brennand

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Kristen Brennand (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) Stem cell models of Psychiatric disorders

Gu, Xiaosi

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Xiaosi Gu (University of Texas at Dallas) Modeling subjectivity in addiction and psychiatric disorders