Learning and memory J-Z

  • Kiyonaga, Anastasia

    Kiyonaga, Anastasia (University of California, San Diego) Cognitive neuroscience of working memory and attention, using fMRI and causal transcranial stimulation (TMS)

  • Knafo, Shira

    Knafo, Shira (The University of the Basque Country) Molecular and synaptic mechanisms underlying social behavior, learning and memory, cognitive malfunction and cognitive enhancement

  • Levina, Anna

    Levina, Anna (University of Tübingen) Mechanisms and origins of brain computational power.

  • Martinowich, Keri

    Martinowich, Keri (Lieber Institute/ Johns Hopkins) Molecular regulation of defined neural circuits during learning, memory, aggression, and social behavior

  • Mohsenzadeh, Yalda

    Mohsenzadeh, Yalda (University of Western Ontario) Cognitive computational neuroscience of perception and memory using human neuroimaging, machine learning, and deep convolutional neural networks

  • Muralidhar,Shruti
    Muralidhar,Shruti (Picower Institute for Learning and Memory) Engram interneurons in learning and memory
  • Murray, Betsy

    Murray, Betsy (NIMH) neural basis of learning, memory, emotion and response selection

  • Ogando, Mora Belen

    Ogando, Mora Belen (University of California Berkeley) Visual circuits plasticity and reconfiguration during perceptual learning, E/I microcircuits

  • Oostland, Marlies

    Oostland, Marlies (Princeton University) Cerebellar circuit mechanisms in motor systems, learning and memory, and decision making

  • Oswald, Anne-Marie

    Oswald, Anne-Marie (University of Pittsburgh) Cortical circuits for sensory learning and memory

    Circuits, systems, olfactory, sensory, synapses

  • Pardi, M. Belen

    Pardi, M. Belen (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research) Thalamo-cortical circuit mechanisms in auditory learning and memory

  • Poirazi, Yiota

    Yiota Poirazi (FORTH) Modeling of neural/dendritic computations for learning & memory

  • Rajadhyaksha, Anjali

    Rajadhyaksha, Anjali (Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences) Neuronal voltage-gated L-type Ca2 channel subunits role in experience-dependent plasticity

  • Ramon, Meike

    Ramon, Meike (University of Fribourg) Individual differences in face processing

  • Ribic, Adema

    Ribic, Adema (University of Virginia) Mechanisms of learning and activity-dependent circuit development

  • Romanski, Liz

    Romanski, Lizabeth (Univ. Rochester) The integration and mnemonic processing of social communication information by the prefrontal cortex

  • Sakside, Lisa

    Saksida, Lisa (Western University) Learning and Memory

  • Sangha, Susan

    Sangha, Susan (Indiana University School of medicine) Neural circuitry of fear, safety and reward learning.

  • Savin, Cristina

    Savin, Cristina (NYU) Circuit-level models of learning, probabilistic brain computation, machine learning for neural data analysis

  • Schapiro, Anna
    Schapiro, Anna (Harvard Medical School) Statistical learning, sleep-dependent memory consolidation; Neural network modeling and fMRI
  • Shrestha, Prerana

    Shrestha, Prerana (Stony Brook University) Protein synthesis dynamics in learned and innate emotional behaviors

  • Stern, Chantal

    Stern, Chantal (Boston University) Learning, memory, and navigation in the human brain

  • Sullivan, Regina

    Sullivan, Regina (New York University Langone Medical Center) Neurobiology of infant attachment to caregiver and neural mechanisms of enduring mental health effects of abuse and trauma in early life

  • Suthana, Nanthia

    Suthana, Nanthia (UCLA) Neurotechnologies for neurologic and psychiatric disorders

  • Suzuki, Wendy

    Suzuki, Wendy (NYU) Associative learning and memory

  • Tronson, Natalie

    Tronson, Natalie (Univ. of Michigan)  Molecular mechanisms underlying learning and memory

  • Varela, Carmen

    Varela, Carmen (Florida Atlantic University) Cellular, network, and molecular mechanisms of learning with a focus on thalamic circuits.

  • Wimber, Maria

    Wimber, Maria (University of Glasgow ) Neural dynamics of memory reactivation in the human brain