Striem-Amit, Ella

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Striem-Amit, Ella (Georgetown University) Sensory and motor plasticity in people born blind, deaf or without hands

Agrawal, Sweta

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Agrawal, Sweta (University of Washington) Neural circuits for limb proprioception

Vazquez, Yuriria

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Vazquez, Yuriria (The Rockefeller University) Neural mechanisms supporting facial movements

Hoy, Jennifer

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Hoy, Jennifer (University of Nevada, Reno) Function and development of neural circuits for natural vision

Chrysikou, Evangelia

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Chrysikou, Evangelia (Drexel. University) Investigating learning and memory in humans

Mathur, Vani

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Mathur, Vani (Texas A& M University) Mechanisms of disparities in pain, social and cultural modulation of pain, pain neuroimaging

Crook, Robyn

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Crook, Robyn (San Francisco State University) Somatosensation, nociceptive plasticity underlying adaptive behavior, and neural circuits generating pain-like behaviors in invertebrates