Hartmann, Mitra

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Mitra Hartmann (Northwesteren) Active touch sensing and sensorimotor integration

Heckscher, Ellie

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Ellie Heckscher (University of Chicago) Development and Function of Neural Circuits in the Sensorimotor System

Clowney, Josie

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Josie Clowney (University of Michigan) Development of random vs stochastic wiring in the fly olfactory system

Sanchez-Vives, Mavi

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Mavi Sanchez-Vives (University of Barcelona) Spontaneous rhythmic neural activity

Goshen, Inbal

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Inbal Goshen (The Hebrew University) Hippocampal neurons and glia in recent and remote memory

Lin, Yingxi

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Yingxi Lin (MIT) Neural plasticity, circuits and memory

Warden, Melissa

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Melissa Warden (Cornell University) Neural basis of motivated behavior