Xiong, Qiaojie

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Xiong, Qiaojie (SUNY Stony Brook) Memory formation, auditory processing

Oviedo, Hysell

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Oviedo, Hysell (City College of New York) Function and dysfunction of auditory cortical circuits

Sliwa, Julia

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Sliwa, Julia (ICM Paris) Neural mechanisms of social cognition and perception

Keitel, Anne

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Keitel, Anne (University of Dundee) Brain rhythms and speech perception; functional brain organisation; behavioural tasks in combination with electrophysiological/neuromagnetic signals

von Kriegstein, Katharina

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von Kriegstein, Katharina (TU Dresden) Sensory processes that enable human communication and their impairment in populations with communication difficulties

Marlin, Bianca Jones

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Marlin, Bianca Jones (Columbia University) Investigating transgenerational epigenetic inheritance and how traumatic experiences in parents affect the brain structure and behavior of their offspring

Kalluri, Radha

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Kalluri, Radha (University of Southern California) Biophysical mechanisms of the auditory and vestibular organs of the inner ear