Murray, Betsy

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Murray, Betsy (NIMH) neural basis of learning, memory, emotion and response selection

von Kriegstein, Katharina

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von Kriegstein, Katharina (TU Dresden) Sensory processes that enable human communication and their impairment in populations with communication difficulties

Korsching, Sigrun I.

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Korsching, Sigrun I. (Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne) Sensation, perception and behavior in vertebrate olfaction

Stern, Chantal

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Stern, Chantal (Boston University) Learning, memory, and navigation in the human brain

Pardue, Machelle

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Pardue, Machelle (Georgia Institute of Technology) Behavioral, electrophysiological, morphological, molecular, and imaging approaches to evaluate changes in retinal function and structure

Raman, Indira

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Raman, Indira (Northwestern University) Synaptic and biophysical mechanisms of cerebellar function

Sachse, Silke

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Sachse, Silke (Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Ecology) Olfactory coding and processing in Drosophila