Learning and memory

Cross, Emily

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Cross, Emily (Bangor  University) Experience-induced plasticity in brain and behaviour

Parker, Krystal

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Parker, Krystal (University of Iowa) Cerebellar-frontal circuitry in cognition and mood

Miller, Courtney

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Miller, Courtney (Scripps Research Institute) Therapeutic development of novel treatments for memory disorders

Kidd, Celeste

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Kidd, Celeste (Univ. of Rochester) Attention, curiosity, and learning using a combination of computational and behavioral methods

Schapiro, Anna

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Schapiro, Anna (Harvard Medical School) Statistical learning, sleep-dependent memory consolidation; Neural network modeling and fMRI

Janak, Patricia

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Janak, Patricia (Johns Hopkins) Behavioral and neural mechanisms of associative learning

Sakside, Lisa

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Saksida, Lisa (Western University) Learning and Memory