Neural Engineering

  • Anikeeva, Pollina

    Anikeeva, Pollina (MIT) Bridging neuroscience research and industrial medical device development

  • Bardet, Sylvia M

    Bardet, Sylvia M (University of Limoges – CNRS) Cell biology and in vivo multiphoton microscopy and bioimaging applied to bio-electromagnetism

  • Cai, Denise

    Cai, Denise (Mount Sinai) Cellular and circuit mechanisms for how memories change across time and experience; development of open-source tools and neurotechnology

  • Chestek, Cindy

    Chestek, Cindy (Uni of Michigan) Development of brain machine interface (BMI) systems using 100 channel arrays implanted in motor and premotor cortex


  • Chrysikou, Evangelia

    Chrysikou, Evangelia (Drexel. University) Investigating learning and memory in humans

  • Clancy, Kelly

    Clancy, Kelly (Univ. of Basel) Principles of biological information processing

  • Collinger, Jen

    Collinger, Jen (University of Pittsburgh) Sensorimotor neuroprosthetics to restore upper limb function

  • deBettencourt, Megan

    deBettencourt, Megan (University of Chicago) Cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory

  • Dyer, Eva

    Dyer, Eva (Georgia Institute of Technology) Development of computational approaches for making sense of large-scale neural datasets

  • Foust, Amanda

    Foust, Amanda (Imperial College London) Imaging network-level neuronal activity in the mammalian brain

  • Green, Andrea

    Green, Andrea (University of Montreal) Motor control, sensory processing

  • Gritsenko, Valeriya

    Gritsenko, Valeriya (West Virginia University) Human sensorimotor control and develops new rehabilitation methods

  • Gunduz, Aysegul

    Gunduz, Aysegul (University of Florida)  Neural correlates of behavior and information processing in electrocorticographic signals (ECoG) in humans

  • Hamilton, Liberty

    Hamilton, Liberty (UT Austin) Neural processing of speech and natural sounds using electrocorticography; sound representations in the auditory cortex

  • Heilshorn, Sarah
    Heilshorn, Sarah (Stanford) Materials for protecting neural stem cells from mechanical damage during injection.
  • Hermes, Dora
    Hermes, Dora (Stanford/ UMC Utrecht) Neurophysiological signatures of large-scale brain dynamics; neurophysiological correlates of the functional MRI signal
  • Hoffman, Kari

    Hoffman, Kari (Vanderbilt University) Neural mechanisms underlying perception and memory formation

  • Lacour, Stephanie

    Lacour, Stephanie (EPFL, Switzerland) Neural engineering, implants, technology, materials science, neuroprosthetics

  • Matran-Fernandez, Ana
    Matran-Fernandez, Ana (University of Essex (UK)) Brain-computer interfaces, neural engineering and neuroprostheses
  • Meng, Ellis

    Meng, Ellis (USC) Biomedical microdevices, neural interfaces, lab-on-a-chip

  • Moxon, Karen

    Moxon, Karen (University of California Davis) Computational neuroscience, neural encoding, brain-machine interfaces

  • Muller, Rikky

    Muller, Rikky (UC Berkeley) Implantable hardware for BMI

  • Mushawar, Vivian

    Mushawar, Vivian (Univ. ALberta) Rehabilitation interventions for improving/restoring lost function after spinal cord injury, head trauma or stroke

  • Oganian, Yulia

    Oganian, Yulia (University of California, San Francisco) Neurophysiology of speech/language processing and bilingualism

  • Okamura, Allison
    Okamura, Allison (Stanford) Haptics, medical and rehabilitation robotics, behavioral studies and models of human motor control
  • Orsborn, Amy

    Orsborn, Amy (University of Washington) Motor learning and adaptation in brain-machine interfaces

  • Pruitt, Beth

    Pruitt, Beth (Stanford) Devices for applying mechanical strain to cells, tissues and animals

  • Ritter, Kerstin

    Ritter, Kerstin (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin) Machine learning for neuroimaging-based disease decoding

  • Rolls, Asya

    Rolls, Asya (Israel Institute of Technology) Neuronal basis of brain-immune interactions

  • Sandamirskaya, Yulia

    Sandamirskaya, Yulia (University of Zurich/ ETH Zurich) Neuro-dynamics and neuromorphic robotics

  • Santacruz, Samantha

    Santacruz, Samantha (The University of Texas at Austin) Closed-loop neuromodulation and neurotherapeutic devices for investigating and modulating behaviors related to neuropsychiatric disorders.

  • Saxena, Shreya

    Saxena, Shreya (Columbia University) Estimation and Control for Neural Populations; Sensorimotor Control

  • Schroeder, Karen

    Schroeder, Karen (Columbia University) Cortical neuroprosthetics; motor control and planning

  • Semprini, Marianna

    Semprini, Marianna (Italian Institute of Technology) Neuroprostheses, neural control of movement and high density electroencephalography.

  • Shanechi, Maryam

    Shanechi, Maryam (USC) Algorithmic solutions to basic science/clinical problems

  • Singer, Annabelle
    Singer, Annabelle (Georgia Institute of Technology) Decoding memory in health and disease
  • Suthana, Nanthia

    Suthana, Nanthia (UCLA) Neurotechnologies for neurologic and psychiatric disorders

  • Vanhoestenberghe, Anne

    Vanhoestenberghe, Anne (UCL) Active implantable medical devices for interactions with the human nervous system

  • Wallis, Joni

    Wallis, Joni (U.C. Berkeley) Neurophysiology of decision-making and executive control