Cognitive neuroscience J-Z

Shomstein, Sarah

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Shomstein, Sarah (Department of Psychology George Washington University) Psychological and neural mechanisms underlying attentional selection.

Thompson-Schill, Sharon

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Thompson-Schill, Sharon (University of Pennsylvania), Cognitive neuroscience, memory, executive function.


Kastanenka, Ksenia  

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Kastanenka, Ksenia (Harvard Medical School) Role neural activity plays in onset and development of Alzheimer’s disease

Kelly, Clare

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Kelly, Clare (Trinity College Dublin) Vulnerability to mental health difficulties during childhood and adolescence

Jafarpour, Anna

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Jafarpour, Anna (University of Washington) Neural circuits for perception and memory of lifelike sequences of events using intracranial EEG and computational techniques

Striem-Amit, Ella

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Striem-Amit, Ella (Georgetown University) Sensory and motor plasticity in people born blind, deaf or without hands

Swann, Nicole

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Swann, Nicole (University of Oregon) Human motor system in health and disease