Parker, Krystal

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Parker, Krystal (University of Iowa) Cerebellar-frontal circuitry in cognition and mood

Dreosti, Elena

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Dreosti, Elena (UCL) Circuits underlying social behaviour in zebrafish

Badura, Aleksandra

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Badura, Aleksandra (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience) Cerebellar computation and autism

Hermes, Dora

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Hermes, Dora (Stanford/ UMC Utrecht) Neurophysiological signatures of large-scale brain dynamics; neurophysiological correlates of the functional MRI signal

Pallas, Sarah

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Pallas, Sarah (Georgia State Univ) Developmental Neurobiology of Mammalian Sensory Systems

Kiss, Zelma

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Kiss, Zelma (University of Calgary) Deep brain stimulation mechanisms of action

Silies, Marion

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Silies, Marion (European Neuroscience Institute, Goettingen) Visual processing in Drosophila