Vision J-Z

  • Locke, Shannon

    Locke, Shannon (École Normale Supérieure) Intersections of perception, metacognition, and action

  • Mohsenzadeh, Yalda

    Mohsenzadeh, Yalda (University of Western Ontario) Cognitive computational neuroscience of perception and memory using human neuroimaging, machine learning, and deep convolutional neural networks

  • Murphy, Kathryn

    Murphy, Kathryn (McMaster University) Development & plasticity of the visual cortex. Molecular development of the human brain.

  • Ramon, Meike

    Ramon, Meike (University of Fribourg) Individual differences in face processing

  • Semmelhack, Julie

    Semmelhack, Julie (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Neural circuits for visual behavior

  • Shin, Hyeyoung

    Shin, Hyeyoung (University of California, Berkeley) Neocortical dynamics underlying perception

  • Veit, Julia

    Veit, Julia (University of Freiburg) Cortical circuits and perception