Vision J-Z

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    Jehee, Janneke (Donders Institute) Neural basis of visual perception and perceptual decision making

  • Ji, Na

    Ji, Na (UC Berkeley) Neural circuits for vision in rodents

  • Jozwik, Kamila

    Jozwik, Kamila (Cambridge) Object recognition: computational modelling, brain representations and behaviour.

  • Kanwisher, Nancy

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  • Kastner, Sabine

    Kastner, Sabine (Princeton) Neural mechanisms of attention

  • Kiorpes, Lynne

    Kiorpes, Lynne (NYU) Neural mechanisms that underlie development of the primate visual system

  • Konkle, Talia

    Konkle, Talia (Harvard University) Characterize representational spaces of the mind and how they are mapped onto the surface of the brain

  • Kubo, Fumi

    Kubo, Fumi (National Institute of Genetics) Neural circuit mechanisms for visual processing and behavior

  • Kuhlman, Sandra

    Kuhlman, Sandra (Carnegie Mellon) Modification of sensory-motor circuits during learning

  • Liang, Liang

    Liang, Liang (Yale University) Organization, function and development of mammalian visual circuits

  • Locke, Shannon

    Locke, Shannon (École Normale Supérieure) Intersections of perception, metacognition, and action

  • Mohsenzadeh, Yalda

    Mohsenzadeh, Yalda (University of Western Ontario) Cognitive computational neuroscience of perception and memory using human neuroimaging, machine learning, and deep convolutional neural networks

  • Murphy, Kathryn

    Murphy, Kathryn (McMaster University) Development & plasticity of the visual cortex. Molecular development of the human brain.

  • Ramon, Meike

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  • Shin, Hyeyoung

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  • Veit, Julia

    Veit, Julia (University of Freiburg) Cortical circuits and perception