Molecular and Cellular

de la Prida, Liset

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de la Prida, Liset (Instituto Cajal CSIC) Hippocampal oscillations in health and disease

Bautista Diana

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Bautista Diana (UC Berkeley) Mechanisms of touch, pain and itch

Calakos, Nicole

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Calakos, Nicole (Duke University) Synaptic plasticity mechanisms for adaptive & maladaptive behavior involving the basal ganglia

Giocomo, Lisa

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Giocomo, Lisa (Stanford University) Neural representations of spatial memory and navigation

Pala, Aurélie

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Pala, Aurélie (Georgia Institute of Technology) Interhemispheric integration of tactile sensory information

Raman, Indira

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Raman, Indira (Northwestern University) Synaptic and biophysical mechanisms of cerebellar function

Polter, Abigail

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Polter, Abigail (George Washington University) Synaptic and peptidergic regulation of monoamine circuits