Sensory systems

Cowell, Rosie

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Cowell, Rosie (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Neural mechanisms of memory and vision; computational modelling, fMRI, behavioral studies

Groen, Iris

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Groen, Iris (New York University)  Visual perception in the human brain: how the brain perceives and understands real-world scenes

Marciniak, Karolina

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Marciniak, Karolina (The Rockefeller University) The Neural Computations of Intuitive Physics

Veruki, Margaret

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Veruki, Margaret (University of Bergen, Norway) Neural circuits and synaptic physiology in the retina

Viswanathan, Pooja

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Viswanathan, Pooja (The Rockefeller University) Neuronal mechanisms of social memory

Vazquez, Yuriria

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Vazquez, Yuriria (The Rockefeller University) Neural mechanisms supporting facial movements

Sani, Ilaria

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Sani, Ilaria (The Rockefeller University) Neural basis of visual attention