Systems computational: J-Z

Marciniak, Karolina

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Marciniak, Karolina (The Rockefeller University) The Neural Computations of Intuitive Physics

Kainmueller, Dagmar

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Kainmueller, Dagmar (Berlin Institute of Health) Computational techniques for biological imaging

Orsborn, Amy

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Orsborn, Amy (University of Washington) Motor learning and adaptation in brain-machine interfaces

Rangel, Lara M.

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Rangel, Lara M (UCSD) Neural rhythms in the hippocampus during associative memory processing

Rich, Erin

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Rich, Erin (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) Neurophysiology and Decision Making

Seo, Hyojung

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Seo, Hyojung (Yale Univ) Prefrontal mechanisms of decision-making and reinforcement learning

Narayan, Manjari

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Narayan, Manjari (Stanford University) Using high dimensional statistics & statistical causal inference to model functional connectivity