Systems computational: J-Z

Savin, Cristina

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Savin, Cristina (NYU) Circuit-level models of learning, probabilistic brain computation, machine learning for neural data analysis

Zavitz, Elizabeth

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Zavitz, Elizabeth (Monash University) How spatial and temporal context impact population codes for vision

Jafarpour, Anna

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Jafarpour, Anna (University of Washington) Neural circuits for perception and memory of lifelike sequences of events using intracranial EEG and computational techniques

Striem-Amit, Ella

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Striem-Amit, Ella (Georgetown University) Sensory and motor plasticity in people born blind, deaf or without hands

Schubert, Teresa

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Schubert, Teresa (Harvard University) Processes forming the interface between vision and language: letter and word recognition

Saxena, Shreya

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Saxena, Shreya (Columbia University) Estimation and Control for Neural Populations; Sensorimotor Control

Prager-Khoutorsky, Masha

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Prager-Khoutorsky, Masha (McGill University) Neurobiology of hypothalamic circuits controlling body fluid homeostasis