Systems computational: A-I

Abdeladim, Lamiae

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Abdeladim, Lamiae (UC Berkeley) All optical circuit interrogation – visual circuits

Garrido, Marta

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Garrido, Marta (University of Melbourne) Brain’s circuitry underpinning the learning mechanisms that enable us to adapt to a novel environment and make predictions about future events

Charpentier, Caroline

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Charpentier, Caroline (Caltech) Neuro-computational mechanisms of social learning and decision-making

Hamilton, Liberty

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Hamilton, Liberty (UT Austin) Neural processing of speech and natural sounds using electrocorticography; sound representations in the auditory cortex


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Behnia,Rudy (Columbia University Zuckerman Institute) Neuronal processing underlying two key modalities of visual processing: color discrimination and motion detection

Aits, Sonja

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Aits, Sonja (Lund University) Combining artificial intelligence and biomedicine to study cell death and lysosome in neurological diseases and cancer

Cowell, Rosie

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Cowell, Rosie (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Neural mechanisms of memory and vision; computational modelling, fMRI, behavioral studies