Circuits: A-I

Cai, Denise

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Cai, Denise (Mount Sinai) Cellular and circuit mechanisms for how memories change across time and experience; development of open-source tools and neurotechnology

Ben-Tov, Mor

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Ben-Tov, Mor (Duke University) Neural circuits for context-dependent song production in songbirds

Fioravante, Diasynou

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Fioravante, Diasynou (University of California, Davis) Neurophysiology of small neural networks for learning and memory

Hermundstad, Ann

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Hermundstad, Ann (Janelia Research Campus) Normative approaches to understand internal representations that link sensation and action

DeNardo, Laura

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DeNardo, Laura (UCLA) Cortical circuits underlying adaptive behaviors

Hidalgo, Alicia

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Hidalgo, Alicia (University of Birmingham) Structural plasticity in the central nervous system, in health, in development, regeneration and repair

Beyeler, Anna

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Beyeler, Anna (Neurocentre Magendie – French NIH (INSERM)) Neural substrate of anxiety-related behaviors