Nordström, Karin

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Nordström, Karin (Flinders University)  Motion vision in hoverflies

Gutierrez, Gabrielle J

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Gutierrez, Gabrielle J (University of Washington) Affects of intrinsic neuron properties on the computations performed by neural circuits and networks

Ward, Laura

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Ward, Laura (University of Glasgow, UK) Healthy ageing in the visual cortex

Golomb, Julie

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Golomb, Julie (Ohio State University) Dynamic visual perception, attention, and computational cognitive neuroscience

Pardue, Machelle

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Pardue, Machelle (Georgia Institute of Technology) Behavioral, electrophysiological, morphological, molecular, and imaging approaches to evaluate changes in retinal function and structure

Spering, Miriam

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Spering, Miriam (University of British Columbia) Visual perception, eye movements, perception-action, sensorimotor dysfunction

Jehee, Janneke

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Jehee, Janneke (Donders Institute) Neural basis of visual perception and perceptual decision making