Cai, Denise

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Cai, Denise (Mount Sinai) Cellular and circuit mechanisms for how memories change across time and experience; development of open-source tools and neurotechnology

Viswanathan, Pooja

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Viswanathan, Pooja (The Rockefeller University) Neuronal mechanisms of social memory

Fioravante, Diasynou

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Fioravante, Diasynou (University of California, Davis) Neurophysiology of small neural networks for learning and memory

Arruda-Carvalho, Maithe

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Arruda-Carvalho, Maithe (University of Toronto Scarborough) Understanding how the maturation of sensitive brain circuits underlies the emergence of complex behaviour and sensitivity to stress in mice

Bagot, Rosemary

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Bagot, Rosemary (McGill University) Circuit and molecular mechanisms of altered brain function underlying depression

Hoy, Jennifer

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Hoy, Jennifer (University of Nevada, Reno) Function and development of neural circuits for natural vision

Falkner, Annegret

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Falkner, Annegret (Princeton) Social decision-making circuits in mice