Hartmann, Mitra

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Mitra Hartmann (Northwesteren) Active touch sensing and sensorimotor integration

Heckscher, Ellie

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Ellie Heckscher (University of Chicago) Development and Function of Neural Circuits in the Sensorimotor System

Gollub, Randy

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Randy Gollub (MGH) Neuroimaging of pain and modulation of pain perception

Ayaz, Asli

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Asli Ayaz (Univ. Zurich)

Neural circuits of sensory-motor integration

Hanganu-Opatz, Ileana

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Ileana Hanganu-Opatz (Hamburg-Eppendorf) Maturation of neuronal networks for sensation and cognition

Fox, Jessica

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Jessica Fox (Case Western) Quantitative behavioral approach to insect sensory systems