Berryhill, Marian

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Berryhill, Marian (University of Nevada) Neural correlates of human visual working memory and attention

Olson, Ingrid

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Olson, Ingrid (Temple University) Episodic memory, semantic memory, social cognition, diffusion imaging, connectivity

Gee, Dylan

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Gee, Dylan (Yale University) Amygdala-prefrontal circuitry in typical development, stress, and anxiety

Ritchey, Maureen

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Ritchey, Maureen (Boston College) Cognitive neuroscience of memory, emotional memory

Rouault, Marion

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Rouault, Marion (University College London) Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying metacognition, learning and decision-making in humans

Golomb, Julie

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Golomb, Julie (Ohio State University) Dynamic visual perception, attention, and computational cognitive neuroscience

Lewis, Laura

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Lewis, Laura (MGH/Harvard) Thalamocortical network dynamics, computational neuroimaging techniques, and sensory coding in sleep and wake states.