Kalluri, Radha

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Kalluri, Radha (University of Southern California) Biophysical mechanisms of the auditory and vestibular organs of the inner ear

Cardin, Velia

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Cardin, Velia (University of East Anglia) Neural plasticity, cognition, language and deafness

Pallas, Sarah

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Pallas, Sarah (Georgia State Univ) Developmental Neurobiology of Mammalian Sensory Systems

Carney, Laurel

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Carney, Laurel (Rochester) Neural mechanisms underlying the perception of complex sounds

Anderson, Bethany

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Anderson, Bethany (Univ. of Rochester)). Neuronal processing of complex auditory and audiovisual information in the prefrontal cortex

Walker, Kerry

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Walker, Kerry (Oxford) Neural basis of sound perception

Woolley, Sarah

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Woolley, Sarah (Columbia University) Sensory processing and social communication