Neural engineering

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Asya Rolls (Israel Institute of Technology) Neuronal basis of brain-immune interactions

Hoffman, Kari

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Kari Hoffman (York University) Neural mechanisms underlying perception and memory formation

Rikky Muller (Cortera) Implantable hardware for BMI

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Rikky Muller (Cortera) Implantable hardware for BMI

Mushawar, Vivian

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Vivian Mushawar (Univ. ALberta) Rehabilitation interventions for improving/restoring lost function after spinal cord injury, head trauma or stroke

Anikeeva, Pollina

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Pollina Anikeeva (MIT) Bridging neuroscience research and industrial medical device development

Meng, Ellis

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Ellis Meng (USC) Biomedical microdevices, neural interfaces, lab-on-a-chip

Shanechi, Maryam

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Maryam Shanechi (USC) Algorithmic solutions to basic science/clinical problems