Neural engineering

Semprini, Marianna

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Semprini, Marianna (Italian Institute of Technology) Neuroprostheses, neural control of movement and high density electroencephalography.

Matran-Fernandez, Ana

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Matran-Fernandez, Ana (University of Essex (UK)) Brain-computer interfaces, neural engineering and neuroprostheses

Dyer, Eva

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Dyer, Eva (Georgia Institute of Technology) Development of computational approaches for making sense of large-scale neural datasets

Gunduz, Aysegul

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Gunduz, Aysegul (University of Florida)  Neural correlates of behavior and information processing in electrocorticographic signals (ECoG) in humans

Hermes, Dora

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Hermes, Dora (Stanford/ UMC Utrecht) Neurophysiological signatures of large-scale brain dynamics; neurophysiological correlates of the functional MRI signal

Okamura, Allison

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Okamura, Allison (Stanford) Haptics, medical and rehabilitation robotics, behavioral studies and models of human motor control